Choose Between an Executive Suite or Virtual Office...

Either way, a professional environment for you to work in

The Executive Suite Option

Get down to business in your own brick-and-mortar office! Leave management of an office and support staff to us so you can focus on building your company. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a business startup, an owner that conducts business out of your home, or a business looking to expand in to a new market, Intuitive Office has the space and means for you to stay productive.
The Virtual Office Option
Need to secure a real office, not just temporary come-and-go space? Put your framed photos, books, computer on a desk with your office supplies, computer, monitor, printer and anything else you would have in your office. We provide you with a secure, private, full-time space for work with all the amenities of a managed office: conference rooms, mailboxes, Internet access, telephones, fax, network printing, a clean common-area kitchen and restrooms.